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Our Goal

To be Successful helping you find the right location, at the right time, with the right amenities!


Our goal is to educate families and clients about local housing resources and provider excellent advice which highlights the many alternatives for housing in the San Antonio and surrounding area. The clients we help are caregivers, individuals, and couples needing personalized assistance to move or relocate to independent living, active adult communities, assisted living, personal care homes, or a memory care environment.
San Antonio and the surrounding areas have hundreds of great housing options, designed for older adults and seniors in search of a new place to live, all of which are dedicated to meeting the personal, spiritual, and health needs of senior adults.

We realize the process of locating new housing and moving from your home or current living situation can be stressful and difficult, let us help.  Navigating the process of searching, discussing, and deciding on the best fit from hundreds of properties is what we do, it’s not easy and there is no one size fits all solution.  Every client has unique concerns about their living situation; Adroit Healthcare Services can help you locate the most favorable housing for your specific needs.  

Adroit knows the challenges you will encounter in planning for new housing may include but are not limited to the following; location, meals, medical services, financial matters, caregivers, timing, social interaction, transportation, pet friendly, staffing ratio, medication management, activities of daily living, safety, accessibility, age of the property, state licenses, spiritual, and legal to name a few.  Let us do the preliminary screening and provide you with suitable choices of housing that meets your needs.

Our goal is not to replace “HOME”, we understand nothing can or will ever replace home.  Finding a good housing fit which contributes to sustaining your current lifestyle while maximizing happiness and comfort as you live life is OUR GOAL.  Let us be of service and help you and your family locate the right place, at the right time with the right amenities.

Let’s Get Started!

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