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Why Adroit?

We are part of the San Antonio community, a locally owned and operated small business with over 50 years of experience serving seniors living in San Antonio and the surrounding areas.
ADROIT is defined as; ADEPT, SKILLFUL, CAPABLE, PRACTICED, PROFICIENT, which identifies our commitment to your satisfaction, skillful attention to detail, willingness to navigate various financial situations, and ABLE to treat each client as an extension of our family.
Our trusted network of healthcare partners loves seniors and works hard to ensure you get the right support and help with every aspect of your move.  When utilizing Adroit, you get a personalized service, our placement assistance staff works for you, meaning you are not alone in the process.  Whether you have a host of family and friends or working independently we help navigate the process of locating a new place.
Once we know where, when, and what you want, we create a short list of properties that you can visit on your schedule.

The task of finding a new residence or suitable housing is extremely complex. There are hundreds of housing options at various price ranges, that’s where our service is of value to our clients: we are here to help individuals, couples, caregivers, and families navigate the details of finding a new residence and making the right move.  We can help you make an informed decision on moving that best fits your lifestyle and insures you are happy in a new place.

We start with a close look at both the big and small things you tell us are important. A  thorough review of several key points; such as your desired location, meal/nutritional preferences, medical service access, financial matters, caregivers, timeframe, social activities, transportation, pet’s, personal care, medication management, activities of daily living support, safety, disability accessibility, spiritual, and legal concerns is paramount.  This is accomplished through an in-depth question and answer session.

Our job is to assist with finding acceptable housing and having a happy customer at the end of a challenging process.

The decision is yours; we simply do the screening and provide a selection of properties that best match your needs.  Nothing takes place without your input or approval.  

Let’s Get Started!

Adroit Healthcare Resources

7500 Eckhert Rd.
Ste. 540
San Antonio, TX 78240

210-682-7000  Phone
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