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Finding The Right Options





The short answer is, in order to find the right community we need to ask the right questions.
Your initial contact with us is the right first step, and will help you keep the process moving forward. Helping you understand how a placement service works is our responsibility.  To achieve our goal we need pertinent information to develop a short list of qualified properties.  Although at times some questions asked about your health, financial, and lifestyle preference during the placement evaluation process may seem intrusive; THAT IS NEVER OUR INTENTION. All questions are necessary to assist in helping us work together to make the most informed decision. Our staff members are trained professionals who are obligated to keep many details of your personal information confidential until we have narrowed your choices.  The most we will exchange with a prescreened facility is your name and date of birth.
Your Lifestyle Profile lets us know if a property and its amenities meet your psycho-social preferences.

Your Health Profile lets us know if a property and its staff are equipped to
meet your medical needs.

Your Financial Profile lets us know if a property and long-term placement fits your budget.
Securing a good understanding of these three areas is normal with any housing assistance service.  It helps expedite the placement process and increases the likelihood of finding an acceptable community in the shortest time.
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